Super smoothie with pickled beetroot & kale

Ever since the glut of beetroot a while back, I’ve been searching for more ways to use it. I’m not really a huge fan of the stuff, so like to find recipes where it’s in a good supporting role, rather than the star if you catch my drift. I pickled a bunch of it a while back, mostly just to get it out of my fridge. But now I’ve got a new problem: a surplus of pickled beetroot. One can only eat so many pickled beetroot salads, so was on the hunt for new ways to not be surrounded by jars of the stuff. I know what you’re thinking: pickled beetroot? In a smoothie? I thought the same, but it brings a fresh acidic tang to this smoothie, and is, if I might say so, quite delish. Trust me, you’ll want another glass! I added some cocoa nibs and some milled flaxseed & goji berries because I had some hanging about in the cupboard, but I tired it before adding these, and it was just as good, so they are completely optional. You may also want to add a bit of water or apple juice or milk to thin it out a bit; I left mine a bit on the thick side and had to use a spoon to scoop the dregs out of the bottom of my glass 🙂

You can also easily make this recipe vegan by swapping out the yogurt for coconut yogurt/cream/milk.


  • pickled beetroot, ~5-6 heaped TBSPs, or ~6 2cm chunks
  • banana, 1 small
  • apple, 1 small
  • curly kale, 1 small bunch, de-stemmed (a couple small handfuls)
  • thick Greek yogurt, ~5-6 heaped TBSPs (add more as necessary)
  • cocoa nibs, 2 TBSPs (optional)
  • milled flaxseed & goji berries, 2 TBSPs (optional)
  • a bit of milk or water or juice (optional)


Blend all ingredients in a blender, smoothie maker or in a high-sided container with a stick-blender until smooth (or desired consistency is reached). Add more liquids for a thinner smoothie. Taste & adjust as necessary.


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