Fettucine, cherry tomato, zucchini

A.K.A. Fettucine, cherry tomato & courgette. If you’re that way inclined.

Easy, tasty, summery, carbs. Also: VEGAN. Shocker, I know. Although you could add parmesan to fix, er, I mean alter that 😉 Though I had it without the formaggio, and it was super tasty as-is, so. I shall tag this one vegan by default 🙂


⦁ a few good glugs of olive oil
⦁ 2 courgettes, peeled into flat-ish strips with a peeler, or the flat/wide blade side of a grater
⦁ 2 escallion shallots, diced
⦁ 4-5 cloves garlic, diced
⦁ a good few handfuls cherry tomatoes – (sorry, I forgot to measure them. I took a helpful picture though)
⦁ ~15-25 pitted kalamata olives
⦁ a handful of super-fresh basil leaves
⦁ seasoning – that’s salt & pepper to us normal folk – to taste
⦁ a handful of fettucine (my hands are pretty small, yet I always seem to cook too much, so your mileage may vary), cooked & drained


  1. Fry the courgette ribbons in some olive oil until just browning. Add pepper & a tiny bit of salt as you’re frying. Set aside.
  2. Add another glug of oil to the pan, fry shallots for a few seconds, then add garlic and fry for a few more.
  3. Add cherry tomatoes to the shallot/garlic. Continue to fry, busting the tomatoes as they cook to release the juice and form a sauce. Fry, stirring often until the juices are thickened, and the tomatoes have all burst and shrivelled a bit.
  4. Throw in the olives & stir through.
  5. Throw in the basil leaves & stir through.
  6. Add cooked & drained fettucine to mixture & stir through to warm. Season to taste.
  7. Garnish with additional basil if you wish.

Now I said at the start this one was vegan, but you could add some parmesan if you so fancied. Totally doesn’t need it though.

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