Runner beans 3 ways

1. Garlic, red peppers & cracked black peppercorns

  • Cut the runner beans on the diagonal into small strips
  • Cut red pepper into similar sized pieces
  • dice garlic
  • Fry all ingredients together in a frying pan in olive oil
  • add cracked black pepper to taste

2. Escallion shallots, toasted hazelnuts & mature cheddar

  • Cut runner beans as per the above
  • dice the shallots
  • toast the hazelnuts in a dry pan, be careful not to burn them; remove from heat.
  • Fry shallots & beans in olive or nut oil; once just starting to brown, add back nuts & crumbed cheddar cheese
  • Mix well to warm through

3. Garlic, ginger, Chinese 5-spice, dried chillies, mirin & soy

  • Cut beans as per above
  • thinly slice garlic; dice ginger & dried chillies
  • fry beans, garlic, ginger & chillies in nut oil (can add a couple drops of sesame oil as well)
  • add a few dashes of Chinese 5-spice, fry mixture until browning
  • a few glugs of mirin & equal amount of soy sauce; stir through. Simmer until slightly thickened and sticky.

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